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SEO For Landscapers & Lawn Care Businesses

Search Engine Optimization Helps Your Landscaping or Lawn Care Business Get More Customers.

When a potential customer turns to a search engine to find a landscaper, they have their money halfway out of their pocket and are ready to buy. That sale is lost if your website does not appear in their search.

An SEO Optimized Website Can Dominate Your Service Area

Your website has the potential to control the lion’s share of the first page search results for terms like ‘landscapers near me’ by being search engine optimized. What does crushing the competition through SEO look like?

Imagine a Your Customer Searching For a Landscaper and Finding:
  • A Google Ad Displaying You as the First Result
    (Stats show 50% of users clicking that ad won’t even realize it is a paid promotion)
  • Your Google My Business Page With Stellar Reviews
  • A Result With a Page On Your Site About The Service They Were Searching For
  • A Result That Goes To Your Homepage

SEO Optimized Websites Are Rare In The Landscaping Industry

The industry consists primarily of a lot of DIY built websites and marketing.  There are very few national landscaping companies with a dedicated digital marketing team for us to compete with.

Our platform is built from over a decade of experience competing with companies with massive marketing budgets. We use the same winning strategies we use for enterprise clients, and the result is an almost unfair advantage for our clients.


Reputation Management & Review Collection For SEO

You do excellent work and have plenty of happy customers. Any good SEO strategy will utilize an element of customer reviews on key sites that will help improve the performance of your website in search engines. (And of course, help show you are the go-to!) 

Some of our plans include reputation management and review tools that allow you to collect customer feedback in an organized fashion, and also to provide an opportunity to address negative experiences head on before a public review has been made.

fernflo helped me get my business started by setting me up with a professional website and marketing plan. The whole process went by lightning fast. I probably only spent maybe an hour or two during the onboarding process to get everything set up. Their team handled everything from there - web design, image selection, copywriting and all.

- Isaac Collins

Flat Mountain Landscaping
Company Founder

Would You Like To Grow Your Landscaping Business With SEO?

fernflo offers comprehensive, all-in-one marketing suites for landscaping companies. We handle everything for you so you can focus on running and growing your business.