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We Make Enterprise Software & Strategy Affordable For The Landscaping Industry.

With over a decade of experience in the the digital marketing world,  we  provide a lot of the enterprise-level design and marketingat a price point that is affordable to the landscaping industry.

Why Landscaping?

When looking for an industry we can scale our techniques in, we looked at our most successful clients of our sub-brands, we considered a lot of different options.

Landscaping stuck out for two reasons:

  • The landscaping industry is primarily dominated by owner-operated small businesses without a dedicated marketing department or team for us to compete with. Most of the marketing is being done with DIY, off-the-shelf solutions.
  • There is only a handful of national landscaping companies that have an internal team that can do what we do. And because of their size, they need to take a shotgun approach – making it very hard to compete with us on detail oriented, hyper-local techniques like Local SEO.

Those factors combined makes our clients at fernflo have a nearly unfair advantage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Involved Do I Need To Be?

With over a decade of experience, we’ve engineered it all to require very little input on your end. During your launch period, we will require some info about you and your business, and an approval for final launch.

After that, we do our job so well that in our experience it’s going to be a struggle to get you on the phone – and that’s totally fine.

We do however strongly suggest we do at least a yearly strategy call in your downtime so we know where to steer the ship as you grow.

How Many Clients Will You Take In One Area?

We are limited to one client per service area. We are extremely competitive, and the last person we want to compete with is ourselves. If a current client exists in or near your service area, we will need their direct approval to represent you as well.

Exceptions to this rule will be made only in very rare circumstances, such as uniquely large service areas or markets. 

Where Does fernflo Operate?

Anywhere in the US with some exceptions. We are generally not available to market in RI, MA, and CT as we already have clients covering those states and it would be a conflict of interest to take on new clients in these areas without their prior approval.

Will I 'Own' My Website?

Your website and the platform itself is owned and maintained by us. One of the things that sets us apart from most of your competition and allows us to get the results we do is that our websites are built utilizing self-hosted code.

You wouldn’t want to own it. Our scale allows us to have skilled staff on hand to maintain your website, and we also utilize software and hosting that is typically cost-prohibitive for small businesses.

You will however always retain control of your domain (the .com) and if you terminate services most of the authority building tactics we utilize for things like Search Engine Optimization will remain in place.

Is There a Required Minimum Spend or Service Contract?

Unlike many other agencies, we do not require a minimum advertising spend outside of the cost of plan you are on nor do we require you to sign and renew a 6 or 12 month service contract.

Our only requirement is that for new clients, there is a required 3 month term from the launch of site to give us the opportunity to get optimized and show you the return on investment we’re able to get for you.

How Can I Keep Track of Your Results?

We use all sorts of analytics and tracking tools to ensure that we are able to get you the best possible return on investment.

All of our service plans come with a dashboard where you can review most of these stats in real time in an easy-to-read format.