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Google Ads For Landscapers & Lawn Care Businesses

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Google Ads Will Help Your Landscaping or Lawn Care Business Grow Fast.

Google Ads/PPC is a very fast and very predictable way to get your phone ringing and money flowing. We push clients here first whenever possible because it gives you the trust in us (and cashflow) to invest in a long term strategy.

With Google Ads, You’ll Own Your Landscaping Leads.

Ditch the large lead networks. The cost is high, and they resell the same leads to many landscapers. This makes for a customer who is annoyed with their phone ringing off the hook, and a race to the bottom with pricing. Some of these services even tell YOU how much you can charge.

We’ll get you setup to grab your own leads via Google Ads, and you own them completely. You’ll have happier customers, be making a better impression –  and with less competition, you can charge a premium for your services too.

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You Can Choose The Most Profitable Jobs

Even if your phone is ringing off the hook, it may not be the type of work you want. You may be looking to land more construction-oriented work, or clients that value high quality service over the lowest price.

There are a wide variety of options we have with Google Ads that allow us to ensure that if you’re staying busy, it is with the right type of work. Beyond the basics of keyword targeting, we can target by highly-specific indicators such as household income.


Make Your Business More Predictable With Google Ads

Advertising your landscaping business with Google Ads provides a very measureable, and very predictable way of growing your business. Once your website and ads are dialed in, it becomes like clockwork.

This allows you to scale your operations at a consistent pace and plan the growth of your business effectively. You can even target certain services based on the labor you have available.

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Landscaper Relaxing With Google Ads

Branch Out Into New Services

Landscaping companies often get known for doing a certain type of work. Your referrals, your reviews, and your website may be all about lawn care – but maybe you’ve done a fence install or two and would like to land more of that.

Google Ads are a really great way to break into new services and get the phone ringing fast and specifically for that type of work.


Expand Your Service Area

Looking to create a new route in a nearby city? The laser-focused nature of Google Ads make it really great for landscapers looking to expand services that do well with volume, like lawn care.

You’ll be able to advertise in a targeted a way that will build a high-density, high-profit route much quicker than relying solely on more broad forms of advertising such as Search Engine Optimization.

Growing Landscaping Service Area With Google Ads

fernflo helped me get my business started by setting me up with a professional website and marketing plan. The whole process went by lightning fast. I probably only spent maybe an hour or two during the onboarding process to get everything set up. Their team handled everything from there - web design, image selection, copywriting and all.

- Isaac Collins

Flat Mountain Landscaping
Company Founder

Would You Like To Grow Your Landscaping Business With Google Ads?

fernflo offers comprehensive, all-in-one marketing suites for landscaping companies. We handle everything for you so you can focus on running and growing your business.