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Our Seedling Plan

True to its name, our Seedling plan is designed for businesses that are ready and able to grow further, and are just getting started with digital marketing. It provides fast and highly measurable results through paid search, and will get you up and running fairly quickly. It will also pave the way to reaching our Sprout package when you are ready to invest in a long term strategy utilizing SEO.

We’ll be getting you setup with an Ad Account and a conversion-optimized landing page or microsite that is designed to squeeze out as many customers as possible from the highly-targeted advertising campaigns we will also be setting up.

This Plan Includes…

Ad Optimized Landing Page / Microsite

Your microsite will feature a bit about your business, show off some reviews, and  be 100% focused on getting the customer to make the jump of filling out a form or giving you a ring. Our landing pages are conversion-optimized for both the customer and the ad campaign we are running, to ensure that you pay as little as possible per lead.

Google Ad Account Setup

We’ll work with you one-on-one to go through the setup process of your Google Ad Account. Once setup is complete, we handle the rest. We will develop campaigns based on your target customers and services, develop your ad copy, setup conversion tracking, and setup your budget for you.

Google Ad Account Setup

We’ll be fighting month after month to reduce the cost of new leads and ensuring they stay aligned with your business objectives. Because we manage thousands in spend for clients, we see what works and are constantly keeping up with trends and experimenting to get you the best results.

Our Seedling Plan covers management of up to $600 of Ad Spend & 2 Campaigns.

In-Depth Reporting Dashboard

We create a custom dashboard for you to view all of the stats for your campaigns and website performance in once place. This provides full transparency and allows you to see the return on investment that you are getting.

Our Process

The streamlined process that we've developed allows us to get you up and running with a stellar site and marketing plan in place within 15-30 days.
(Depending on package)

Onboarding & Account Setup

After you sign up, we'll be reaching out to get all the info we need to get the ball rolling and get your account set up for success. We've streamlined this so it's easy for the both of us.

Web Design & Ad Setup

We'll be taking the info you provide us about your business, and using it to form a marketing strategy and create a highly-optimized website and ad combo.

Final Approval & Launch

Once we get the green light, we'll schedule for takeoff. We may or may not have a really big red button we push in our office when a site takes off.

Analyze & Optimize

We consistently optimize and improve your website and ads which will continue to grow in performance and value, and give you a competitive edge.

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fernflo helped me get my business started by setting me up with a professional website and marketing plan. The whole process went by lightning fast. I probably only spent maybe an hour or two during the onboarding process to get everything set up. Their team handled everything from there - web design, image selection, copywriting and all.

- Isaac Collins

Flat Mountain Landscaping
Company Founder

Start Your Journey Now…

Plan Cost:  $399/Month
Account Setup: $600 $300 (Limited Time Offer)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Compare To Lead Sites or Apps?

Zero comparison. They resell the same leads over and over again, and charge a killing for it. They also manipulate companies into working for less than they are worth, sometimes even going as far as setting the prices for you.

With us -  you own your leads exclusively, the cost is typically a lot less, and it is in our best interest that you are able to charge a premium for the quality work you do.

How Involved Do I Need To Be?

We’ve engineered it all to require very little input on your end. During your launch period, we will require some info about you and your business, and an approval for final launch.

After that, we do our job so well that in our experience it’s going to be a struggle to get you on the phone – and that’s totally fine.

Can You Really Create a Professional Website in 30 Days or Less?

Absolutely. We have over a decade of experience in web design and digital marketing and have well refined processes. As long as you are responsive and give us the info we need, timeline is not an issue.

Will I 'Own' My Website?

Your website and the platform itself is owned and maintained by us. One of the things that sets us apart from most of your competition and allows us to get the results we do is that our websites are built utilizing self-hosted code.

You wouldn’t want to own it. Our scale allows us to have skilled staff on hand to maintain your website, and we also utilize software and hosting that is typically cost-prohibitive for small businesses.  

You will however always retain control of your domain (the .com) and if you terminate services most of the authority building tactics we utilize for things like Search Engine Optimization will remain in place.

What Sets Your Platform Apart From Something Like Wix or Weebly?

While they may even look very similar, behind the scenes and performance-wise they are very different. We use a 100% customizable platform for our site creation, and have modeled our websites after the six-figure sites we product at PSG Media.

How Does Ad Costs / Budget Work?

We will be getting you setup with your own advertising accounts on the platforms we will be working with giving you full transparency on costs because they will be invoicing you directly. We will only have a 'manager' role on these platforms. 

Is There a Required Minimum Spend or Service Contract?

Many agencies typically have a 6 to 12 month renewing contract or have spend requirements. Not us. For new clients, we only have a required 3 month term to start and then it is month-to-month, cancel anytime.

Imagine planting a tree for a client and the next day getting a call saying it's not growing fast enough. At the 3 month mark, the ROI is so clear with our platform we're confident you will stick around.